Our Process

Step 1 - Define

We listen to our clients Ambitions and Challenges to shape and understanding of their mission we analyse and assess the needs, goals and challenges facing your business. Once the objective is clear, strategic goals are established, outlining the projects purpose and scope, implementation plan, technical and budgetary requirements.

Step 2 - Conceive

A functional prototype gives the project structure and form. Projects are engineered from a users perspective, with special emphasis on functionality, scalability and clear and effective information design.

Step 3 - Development

The project is developed by applying design to conceptial blueprint and user experience defined in phase 2.

Step 4 - Implementation

Full-scale implementation occurs in accordance with objectives set in phases one to three. We test all hardware and software to ensure that we meet all set requirements.

Step 5 - Cultivation

We implement a first levels support structure to nurture quality assurance for your projects. Appropriate documentation is delivered and necessary training is provided as well as any maintenance executions and service agreements. Our ongoing cultivation procedure is aimed at giving you the best return on your investment.

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