Passion. Agility. Pragmatism.

Core Software are a team of highly skilled, creative and delivery-focused software engineers. We named our company "Core Software" to stress the fact that "We want to remain a small and highly technical team who can get the job done with low overhead".

We see the world as a constantly evolving system, comprised of physical and logical sub-systems, objects and relationships. To us, "Software" is simply another element of the same system, with a unique potential to affect and facilitate the work of other elements (people, businesses, other software systems). We are passionate about building software systems (read "solutions"), because we have found it the quickest and most flexible way of modifying our world's behaviour for the better.

Each of us, have several years of software development experience and have been involved in tens of small to large projects in and out of Core Software.

Our Mission

Help our Customers

As a services company it is important that we match out skills with out clients needs. If we do this well, then everybody benefits. If we do this wrong, then it means more works for us and the client is unhappy. Our model is to build on our client relationships year after year by providing customer-focused solutions that feed knowledge and expertise back into our process. This way everyone benefits, and if we are not helping customers, we are not doing it right.

Have fun doing it

We also have fun. We do this because we enjoy it, and we have strived to remove all the negative things we have experienced in the past from our process and our company.

Focus on what is important

We at Core Software have a unique business plan. We call it "Spend Less than You Earn". Crazy, it will never catch on, but since we were founded the company has remained free of debt and venture capital. This allows us to focus on meeting our clients needs, not on providing "value" to investors. We believe that is the right way.

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